Project Description

Nimmo’s Windows

New Logo Design and Rebranding

Refreshing Your Brand
Tired of your logo?
Your branding not really representative anymore?

Small businesses can evolve very quickly and that means old logos and branding materials can become outdated. But don’t be daunted by the idea of a new logo and rebranding.

Nimmo’s Windows approached us because all they had was a logo for their business card
that was very outdated. It just didn’t reflect their premium products and services.

We created a new logo for the business that they could use on everything: stationery, marketing materials, their website and branded workwear.

The van was very large so to ensure their vehicle graphics had impact but were still consistent with the overall brand, we created a pictorial theme that instantly communicated their name and services, reflecting the quality of the business.

We also made sure that the style and layout of the graphics complimented the shape of the van. It’s this sort attention to detail and aesthetics which makes all the difference to the impression something creates.