Project Description

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

Production and install of 360° wall mural
and graphic elements for new archaeology gallery.

New Gallery Wall Mural & Graphics

We had the privilege of working with Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove producing and installing all the graphic elements for The Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery. Working closely with the archaeology curator and gallery designer we worked to a very detailed plan.

STAGE 1 Production and Install of 360°view wall mural

Printing on Digimura wallpaper we produced a large series of prints 3.5mtrs long by 1.5 mtrs wide.which formed a 360° panoramic mural in a gallery approx 16mtrs x 10mtrs square. These prints were expertly fitted by our installers trimming around numerous recesses and beams ensuring the overlaps joined up seamlessly.

STAGE 2 Wrapping display features and mounted panels

Once the install had taken place of the key display fixtures our fitters attended the gallery over several days wrapping various display cases, blocks, information panels, case backdrops and large graphic feature panels. There were changes we had to adapt to during the process. We also fitted the exhibit information panels which run around the entire a perimeter of the display. These were connected at a variety of angles and all hand finished on and off site.