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High visibility vehicle chevrons and markings – putting safety first

If you’ve got vehicles working on highways, you need “high visibility” livery that complies with Chapter 8 of The Department of Transport (DFT) Code of Practice that all works vehicles on highways are required to have .

We’re specialist suppliers and fitters of this type of conspicuity vehicle marking. Using the highest grade of compliant materials, we work with all types of emergency and commercial vehicles.

We can also fit livery at your site, saving you the hassle and time of having to get your vehicles to us.
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Ensuring you’re Chapter 8 compliant

From a fleet to just one vehicle, we can advise on the types of permitted marking styles, colours and materials including:

  • Chevrons with alternate strips of fluorescent retroreflective and non-retroreflective colour.
  • Retroreflective tape applied to all rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers, and to the face of any device that obscures the markings and is displayed to the rear or to other road users.